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Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000: What’s the Difference?

Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000: What’s the Difference?

Toothbrushes have been around for thousands of years, and even before they existed, humanity has always been on the search for ways to maintain proper oral hygiene. Studies show the average person will spend between 90 and 93 days of their lives brushing their teeth. Honestly, if you think about it, it really does sound like a lot of time in front of your bathroom mirror.

Due to this, different brands make all kinds of new toothbrushes every year to make this process easier and faster. In 1959, Broxodent made the first electric toothbrush, and since then, all types of electric toothbrushes have emerged onto the market. Here is when Oral B comes to action.

Oral B is an American brand specialized in dental hygiene. One of their more in-demand products is their electric toothbrushes, and we can easily see why: they make the act of brushing your teeth quicker and — at the same time — more effective.

However, even if you know that Oral B is one of the best dental hygiene brands out there, it’s still hard to determine which toothbrush is the best one. Furthermore, these kinds of toothbrushes are usually fairly expensive, and you don’t want to end up wasting your money without knowing the pros and cons of each model. 

Don’t panic yet! Today, we’re going to see the main differences between two of their more powerful toothbrushes. After this, it will be easier for you to choose which one you prefer. 

If you still can’t choose and you’re indecisive, we will also give you a summary of their main differences, similarities, and our personal final pick at the end of the article.

The Main Differences Between the Oral B Pro 5000 and the Oral B Pro 7000

There are a few notable differences between the Oral B Pro 5000 and the Oral B 7000 toothbrushes. These include:

  • The Oral B Pro 5000 has five brushing modes, whereas the Oral B Pro 7000 has six brushing modes.
  • The Oral B Pro 5000 has a pretty basic case, whereas the Oral B Pro 7000 has a more modern travel case.
  • The Oral B Pro 5000 only comes in a standard white color, whereas the Oral B Pro 7000 comes in all-white. However, it also comes in black or a black and silver combination. This characteristic makes the Oral B Pro 7000 look more sophisticated.
  • The Oral B Pro 5000 is a more economical toothbrush option, whereas the Oral B Pro 7000 is higher in price (mainly because it has more modern features than the other).
  • The Oral B Pro 5000 doesn’t have a tongue cleaning option, whereas the Oral B Pro 7000 does have one.

As you can see, the Oral B 7000 has few certain updated features that its predecessor, the Oral Pro 5000 toothbrush, doesn’t have. But what are their similarities?

The Similarities Between the Oral B Pro 5000 vs the Oral B Pro 7000

Just like these two models of toothbrushes have key differences, they also share some notable similarities. These include:

  • Both models are part of the Oral B SmartSeries electric toothbrushes.
  • Both models come with the same accessories: a brush handle, a charging stand, and a compartment that contains four brush heads at the same time.
  • Both models have the CrossAction brush head.
  • Both models have the same power, motor, and oscillations whatever the cleaning mode.
  • Both models have pressure sensors that tell you when you’re too harsh on your teeth.

Here are some of the few features these astounding toothbrushes have to offer.

The Oral B Pro 5000

This full-name toothbrush is the Oral B Professional Care 5000, and it’s one of the most purchased electric toothbrushes that Oral B has to offer. One of their more distinctive qualities is that you can connect the toothbrush via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

If you download the Oral B app, you can monitor and track every set of teeth brushes and how many seconds you need to brush them. This feature is helpful, as most people do not count the time when using a manual toothbrush.

Oral B Pro 5000

Professional dentists have found that tracking the time while brushing is an essential factor when brushing your teeth. Doing it the right way reduces the chance of cavities and gum sensitivity.

So, if you want, you can jump into this brand new way of brushing your teeth. Let’s take a look at some of the main pros this model has.


  • It has five cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Pro-Clean (also Called Deep Clean), Sensitive, and Massage.
  • The rechargeable battery usually lasts about seven to ten days without needing to be recharged.
  • The Bluetooth feature helps you control and track the time you are brushing your teeth. It also lets you know if you’re applying too much force to your teeth.
  • It’s a perfect toothbrush for plaque removal. The official Oral B page states this toothbrush provides 500% more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush.
  • It has enough features to be a great electric toothbrush, but without being too overwhelming for someone who hasn’t used an electric toothbrush before.
  • It has a 3D movement cleaning system, providing more than 8800 rotations per minute and 40000 pulsations per minute.
  • You can preset an alarm to sound as soon as two minutes have passed. This feature helps you to brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes every time.


  • This toothbrush is on the pricier side for the different features it has. There are many other cheaper Oral B toothbrushes with similar characteristics.
  • Regarding its color and travel case, they are considered plain by some users. Principally because it only comes in all-white color, and the travel case is of plastic material.
  • This toothbrush only comes with a single brush head. If you want other ones, you will have to buy them separately.
  • As with some other electric toothbrushes, this one is heavy on weight, especially the handle. It might be hard to get used to it at first.
  • Even if the battery lasts up to ten days, some other electric toothbrushes can go on for two or three weeks.
  • You can’t see the battery status, so you won’t know when you will have to recharge it.

The Oral B Pro 7000

Like its predecessor, the full name is the Oral B Professional 7000. It’s one of the best high-end electric toothbrushes Oral B has to offer. Besides the main differences already said, this model also has a 3D cleaning system and provides you with six cleaning modes. However, it does have four replacement brush heads that the Oral B Pro 5000 doesn’t have.

You can also download the iOS or Android app and enjoy the freedom of brushing your teeth correctly while tracking the time.

Other newer Oral B models came after this one. However, this toothbrush remains a customer favorite because of its distinctive characteristics.

Let’s take a look at this toothbrush’s main pros and cons.


  • It has six cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean, and Tongue Clean.
  • The battery life is satisfactory: it can last up to ten days. Some users report it can last to even fourteen days, so you can be days without worrying about charging it.
  • The box gives you a SmartSeries guide to help the user to set up the Bluetooth connection. It’s useful for people who aren’t familiar with how does it work.
  • It has a pressure sensor, and a red glowing light turns up to warn you about being too harsh on your teeth. Odonthologists have demonstrated that applying too much force can lead up to damage to your gums, so this feature it’s valuable in the long term.
  • This model’s main feature and what makes it stand when compared to the Oral B Pro 5000 is the tongue cleaner mode. It’s a perfect new mode that helps to clean your tongue.
  • It’s waterproof; you can use it while in the shower without worrying about damaging it.
  • Users report this model is more sophisticated and classic when compared to other models.
  • You can track your time while brushing if you download the Oral B app.
  • It has a 3D cleaning system with oscillations and pulsations that help you brush your teeth correctly.
  • It has four replacement brush heads: Pro White, Floss Action, and two Cross Action.
  • The travel case is modern and has a compartment where you can put the brush heads in there.
  • Users report the handle design is easier to grab when compared with other Oral B models.


  • The battery needs a few hours longer to charge than the Oral B Pro 5000, and they both last the same ten days.
  • The Oral B Pro 7000 is higher in price, but at the same time, it has too many similarities with the Oral B Pro 5000. Some users consider it’s better to buy the Oral B Pro 5000 since they’re too much alike.
  • If you pick the black model, the brush head remains white. The colors don’t match, and some picky aesthetic customers find it odd since it doesn’t look as smooth and modern as other electric toothbrushes.
  • Some users think the toothbrush is too loud.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Oral B Pro 5000 and the Oral B 7000

Question: What is an electric toothbrush?

Answer: As the name hints, it’s a toothbrush that employs a battery to make movements to achieve better dental hygiene. Most electric toothbrushes make rotation, oscillations, or back and forth movements.

Question: Are electric toothbrushes bad for your teeth?

Answer: On the contrary, they’re actually great for your teeth! Dentists and orthodontists have made several studies about that matter, and they found people who use electric toothbrushes have better dental hygiene than people who use manual toothbrushes.

If an electric toothbrush hurts your teeth, probably it’s because you’re using it wrong, like brushing too harshly. However, most electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors that tell you when you should slow down.

Question: Is an electric toothbrush better for your teeth?

Answer: Objectively, yes. However, they are more costly than manual toothbrushes, and you can also achieve good dental hygiene if you know how to brush with your regular toothbrush.

Question: What is the best electric toothbrush?

Answer: It depends on your needs. There are some electric toothbrushes with too many features, and most of the time, you won’t get to use all of them. The best electric toothbrush is the one that satisfies all your dental hygiene needs.

Question: How long does an electric toothbrush last?

Answer: Depending on how many times you will need to charge it, and if you use it correctly (at least two times every day for two minutes each time), an electric toothbrush will last up to 3 to 5 years.

Question: Is there an electric toothbrush recommended by dentists?

Answer: You have to be careful about that. If a dentist recommends you a specific brand, there might be a sponsorship going on. If you decide to buy an electric toothbrush, remember to search the features so you can choose which one is best for you.

Question: Do electric toothbrushes cause gum recession?

Answer: As stated before, if an electric toothbrush causes you any harm is often because of using it wrong. Electric toothbrushes by themselves don’t cause gum recession.

Question: How long should you use an electric toothbrush?

Answer: Orthodontists and dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes, two times a day. Electric toothbrushes make this easy by having a timer with audible notifications. Some other electric toothbrushes also allow you to download an app to help you track the time.

Question: Do electric toothbrushes help whiten teeth?

Answer: No. Some electric toothbrushes have a “whitening” mode, but it doesn’t mean they will necessarily make your teeth whiter. Nevertheless, toothbrushes help you keep your teeth clean. For this reason, your teeth may look whiter in the long term.

Question: Can I use my Oral B electric toothbrush in the shower?

Answer: Most Oral B toothbrushes are waterproof, so short answer, yes. However, the official Oral B page doesn’t recommend submerging them in water.

Question: Is it better to brush your teeth in the morning or at night?

Answer: Dentists and orthodontists recommend brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning (or before breakfast) and brushing them before you go to sleep at night. Both times you should last two minutes; this is enough for you to brush your teeth correctly.

Final Verdict

Electric toothbrushes are a transcendent invention that makes our lives easier. However, every year new models come out from different brands. It’s hard to know which one to choose, and if you already have one, you may ask: is buying the last model worth it?

Today, we studied two similar electric toothbrushes models from the Oral B SmartSeries. We saw their differences and their similarities. Which one is the best?

If we were to pick one, we would choose the Oral B Pro 5000. The only thing that doesn’t have when compared to the 7000 is the Tongue Clean feature, but that’s totally fine with us. You can simply brush your tongue with any other cleaning mode. If you’re willing to, you can buy the Oral B Pro 7000, but the price is higher, and there’s not much difference.

We hope this article has been helpful in your way to finding the best electric toothbrush. We wish you the best of luck in finding your new favorite, go-to toothbrush. 

And just as a friendly reminder as to how you should brush your teeth: two times a day, for two minutes each time. No matter which toothbrush you reach for, you’ll be sure to have a beautiful white smile, thanks to your good oral hygiene habits!

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